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Alexander Vlasov

Alexander Vlasov

Shortly about myself

I born in 1974 in Kostroma. Graduated from the Philology Faculty of the Kostroma State University named after N. A. Nekrasov. Literary scholar, candidate of philology, independent researcher. Research interests include Russian literature of the XIX and XX centuries, prose, poetry, evolution of genres. Started publishing in 1998. Author of a number of articles and the monograph “Yuri Zhivago’s Poems by B. L. Pasternak (Plot Dynamics of the Poetic Cycle and the ‘Prosaic’ Context)” (Kostroma: Kostroma State University named after N. A. Nekrasov, 2008).

Twenty years ago, I started learning the basics of webmastering in my spare time. The results are evident in this website created in 2009 and my participation in the local history internet project “Kostromka”.

I also write poetry. I have been interested in drawing since childhood. Recipient of scholarships from the All-Union Children's Fund and the Moscow Youth Patriotic Center “Young Motherland” (1991), laureate of the magazine “Krokodil” (1992), laureate of the international charity program “New Names” (1994).

However, this is a separate topic. A special section of my website is dedicated to graphics.

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